Logistics platform

Logistics platform

CARE has an advanced infrastructure for the storage of packaged chemicals or in containers on its 7 hectares site classified SEVESO II

The configuration of the site and the authorized volumes allow the acceptance of all the classes of risks - except 1 and 7 - in large quantity.



At the heart of the industrial and harbour area of Le Havre, CARE has a strategic geographical position in the crossroads of the industrial and maritime logistics flows of the Western Europe.

This location allows to receive and to ship your hazardous chemicals by sea, rail, road and river.


Logistics prestations

CARE takes in charge the receipt of your goods, the storage, the preparations of your orders and manages the process of shipping to insure your distribution.

The knowledge of the storage allied to an efficient computer tool insure us a full traceability of your flows

The FIFO management of your products (tracking of the batches, manufacturing or expiring dates...) allows a logical turnover of your stocks available on the Internet through a private access.

  • ADR allowed: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.1, 8, 9
  • Regulated ICPE
  • Warehouse under customs (EF, MADT, EFS)
  • Logistics facilities (Storage, preparation of orders)
  • Inventory management
  • Storage of dry, tank or reefer containers
  • Storage under controlled temperature
  • Agreed by the port authorities for intervention on damaged containers
  • Technical means to secure capacities on site or not
Storage warehouses

Storage warehouses

7 000 m2 of storage facilities

Preparation order area of 700 m² for the receiving and shipping of goods

Loading and unloading platform (or quay)

Picking and preparation of order (filming / wedging)


Categories of stored products:

  • Hazardous products: toxics, oxidants, flammables, harmful, irritating, dangerous for the environment, corrosives, peroxide organics.
  • Non-hazardous products.


8 cells of 450 m2 on independent retention allowing the fast isolation of leakage / Fire detection and H2S

Cell equipped with an automatic double detection system by aspiration of fumes and continuous gas analysis adjoined to a fire alarm


1 cell of 3 200M² racked

Cell equipped with an automatic double detection system by aspiration of fumes and continuous gas analysis adjoined to a fire alarm

Dry and Iso Tanks containers storage

Container storage

Storage area under prefectural approval

  • Storage capacity: 800 places in 5 distinct bays according to theclass of products
  • 18 places for controlled temperature containers
  • Storage of chemical industrial waste in containers


Cleaning station for road tanks and tank containers Heating of tanks

  • Internal cleaningoftanks (road tanks, silo tanks with tractor or not)
  • Internal cleaningoftank containers andIBC with handlings
  • forwarding agent
  • Heating of tank containers or road tanks


APLICA 2015 / LRQA ISO 9001 - Version 2008 / 2010 SQAS cleaning assessment

  • TSN

    Port 5279 / Route industrielle
    76430 Sandouville

    +33 (0)2 32 79 26 50


Inspection, maintenance and repair of industrial, road and marine tanks

  • Test repair, reconditioning, final return of tank containers and IBC / IC
  • Maintenance andtesting ofroad tanks
  • Gauging
  • Regulatory control of the counters fordistribution andloading arms


Accreditation to the Cognac Jaugeage network

Welding accreditation


QSSE Political


An involved company

The Quality, Safety and Environment policy of CARE is based on the respect for the person and its environment.

The control and prevention of risks require teams able to identify, evaluate, propose solutions and implement the selected measures: control and prevention are part of managerial principles.

These control and prevention contribute to improving the overall performances of CARE.



CARE set up a management in the requirements of results, guaranteeing an excellent service on all activities and ensuring the safety of the people.

CARE is developing a program of continuous improvement since its ISO 9001 certification in 2003.


Qualified and trained to the latest legislations, our teams meet the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to all our services.

Subject to the Seveso II legislation, the management of the security on the logistic platform is our priority.

Fire safety for storage of hazardous products



The process and implemented means insure a high safety level suited to the activity of the site:


  • Site submit to an access control
  • Siteunder video surveillance
  • Round system monitoring (except operating hours)
  • Alarmtransfer24h / 24hof the wholefire detection andintrusion system
  • DisastermanagementExercises
  • Annual Internal Operation Plan (POI) exercise
  • Availability of the facilities to external services(SDIS/Firemen)


The environment protection and legislation respect are at the heart of the company strategy :

  • Collection of accidental spilling
  • dedicated retention tanks
  • Fire doors
  • Automatic closing of aqueous discharges in case of accident
  • Ground water analysis by piezometers


Administrative authorisations

The storage of hazardous products is regulated by specific legislation (ICPE) and a prefectural agreement. Download the file



Messe München 2015

Messe München 2015

Messe München 2015

Visit us on our stand 140 Hall B4 in Messe München on 5 to 8 May 2015

Published on April 24 2015
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